Each season we keep track of the tries scored in each game. At the completion of the standard rounds the tries are tallied and a leading scorer of each division receives a $50 Gift Card from Rebel Sports. Congratulations to the winners of each division listed below. First place winner for each division needs to attend grand final nights 18th December(for Juniors and Mixed 35s) and 19th December (for Mixed Opens and Mens Opens) of December to receive your $50 Rebel Gift Card.

Junior 8-9s (Blue)
Name Team Tries
Jonathan Du Preez (Winner) 2fast2touch 38
Brock Foster Little Dynamites 30
Elias Macri Fast & Furious 29
Junior 8-9s (Gold)
Name Team Tries
Cobi Mccloskey (Winner) The Rebels 48
Nicholas Seroczynski Minions 35
Hunter Lennox Touch n Go 21
Junior 10-11s (Blue)
Name Team Tries
Colby Martin (Winner) Rhino All Stars 33
DOMINIC Farrugia Rhino All Stars 25
Jayden Douglas To Quick For You 16
Junior 10-11s (Gold)
Name Team Tries
Lachlan Trethowan (Winner) Big Dynamites 18
Kian Toner Fast n Furious 15
Ben Scott Ninja Warriors 13
Junior 10-11s (Green)
Name Team Tries
Oliver Phillips (Winner) The Try Babies 28
Austin Mcvey The Try Babies 26
Zander Basson Thunder Ducks 23
Junior 12-13s (Blue)
Name Team Tries
Reilly Canning (Winner) Class on Grass 23
Bayley Meredith Class on Grass 20
Owen Azzopardi MCCK Boyz 14
Xavier Tsagaris Class on Grass 14
Junior 12-13s (Gold)
Name Team Tries
Vincent Genner (Winner) Guns 'n' Roses 19
Taylah Hufton Guns 'n' Roses 18
Connor Watt Young & Free 18
Jacob Davids Young & Free 16
Junior 12-13s (Green)
Name Team Tries
Matthew Lang (Winner) Crushers 31
Cameron Cunningham Can't Touch This 27
William Hart Can't Touch This 16
Junior 14-16s (Blue)
Name Team Tries
Kieran Mcnally (Winner) Road to Glory 39
Noah Hoyle Thunder Ducks 35
Bailey Christoffel Road to Glory 21
Matthew Oates Road to Glory 21
Junior 14-16s (Gold)
Name Team Tries
Anna Metcalf (Winner) Storm 27
Jack Kennedy Laterz 12
Georgia Lang Laterz 12
Cameron Chalmers Laterz 11
Isabella Garcia Can't Touch This 11
Name Team Tries
Lachlan Charlwood (Winner) Dont Know 20
Tane Kiel Vikings 17
Hamish Brown Touch Me 16
Brad Stevenson Touch Me 16
Mixed Open
Name Team Tries
Cody Matthews (Winner) Under the Influence 45
Connor Matthews Mixed Up 27
Mitch Krahe Brewski 21
Mixed 35s
Name Team Tries
Sarina Rodgers (Winner) Midas Touch 15
Adam Gulliver Game of Groans 14
Wesley Taylor KA Krushers 13